Lemon & Yoghurt Cupcakes

Meg & Veg - Lemon and Yoghurt Cupcakes

I had an hour to kill, and because free time stresses me out I needed to do something. So I made these muffins. Continue reading

9 super-healthy leafy green veggies that aren’t kale

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Greens are the number one veggie you should be eating more of. They’re packed with minerals, vitamins, fibre, they’re anti-inflammatory and alkalising. Which you probably already know, so you might buy a bunch of kale every week. But what if I said that’s not such an awesome thing to be doing… Continue reading

Lamb Shank with Turmeric Roasted Cauli & Brussels

lamb w/ cauliflower and brussels

At work last week, we had the Beef and Lamb Team (yes, that was their name!) come into the IQS office to tell us all about, you guessed it – Aussie beef and lamb. The butcher then proceeded to carve up a huge beef rump and some lamb parts too. Continue reading

4 delicious camping recipes that aren’t baked beans

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I went camping for my Easter long weekend in Mitta Mitta, a small country town in Victoria, just over an hour from Albury. With more down time than I’ve had in a long time, I got my food freak on. Continue reading

Banana Cake


Yes, I actually made a banana cake on the camp fire. I didn’t even know it was going to work and I was pretty chuffed with myself. Not only did it actually cook perfectly, but it was so tasty.  Continue reading

Zucchini & Quinoa Salad


This simple salad is an awesome dish to make while camping (or not!) to add a bit of healthy stuff amongst the toasted sandwiches and marshmallows.  Continue reading

Slow-Cooked Lamb w/ damper & greens


Okay, so this one is a bit extreme for a camping trip. But it’s actually stupidly simple and can serve so many people. Plus, everything tastes better on a campfire and I have to say, this is one of the best roasts I have ever had.  Continue reading